Why air conditioning maintenance is important?

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Air conditioning in our house provides exceptional comfort on hot summer days. However, to keep it running smoothly at all times it needs to be regularly cleaned.

A dirty air conditioner becomes a natural breeding ground for all kinds
microorganisms, fungi and moulds that have a negative impact on our health.

Is air conditioning service necessary only for health reasons?

Proper maintenance of air conditioning has a significant impact on extending its vitality. Performing regular cleanings with the manufacturer’s recommendations makes the air-conditioning devices able to work for many years while maintaining their technical parameters such as efficiency, noise level and electricity consumption. Thanks to regular reviews you can also detect and remove a minor fault early enough to prevent it from causing a more serious failure that could be costly. Optimally, therefore, maintenance should be done twice a year: in spring and autumn.
In buildings exposed to pollution, such as service points, restaurants or technical rooms review inspections should be performed more often.
When using air conditioning, not only for cooling but also for heating the air, it is also advisable to increase maintenance frequency per year.
It should be in mind that maintaining a healthy air conditioning unit ensures not only from the economic point of view but care for health, and it is also an indispensable condition for maintaining an air conditioner warranty.

Basic activities performed during air conditioning maintenance:
• Checking the air filter in the indoor unit for contamination, and replacing it
or washing,
• Washing and disinfection of the internal heat exchanger with a cleaning agent antifungal,
• Inspection of the condensate system and its cleaning and possible unclogging,
• Cleaning the external heat exchanger.

In addition, during maintenance, the following checks are also made:
• Condition of indoor and outdoor unit fans,
• Tightness of the system and the amount of refrigerant in the device,
• Values ​​of currents consumed by the air-conditioner elements,
• Remote control battery status

Carried out in this way maintenance gives us confidence that the quality of the air is appropriate, and we can enjoy the efficient functioning of the air conditioning. Servicing should be carried out by a specialist company with appropriate qualifications.

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