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Expert installation of a range of standalone and air conditioning integrated ventilation systems and devices for commercial and residential needs. Trust our FGAS certified engineers to quickly and safely install a wide range of energy-efficient ventilation systems from only the highest quality certified brands and dealers.



Available 24/7 to address your ventilation faults and breakdowns, with a broad range of knowledge and experience with the latest systems and models across the whole range of ventilation solutions including standalone ventilation units or HVAC integrated systems.  



Is your ventilation system due for a maintenance or service check? We can ensure the proper functioning and optimal energy-efficiency of your commercial or residential ventilation systems according to the latest health and safety guidelines and regulations.


From tested and verified suppliers to ensure long-lasting quality and durability

We are offering ventilation system installation and repair services. Cooling Services 24 is a company that operates in LondonSurreyBerkshire and surrounding areas. We are second to none in the HVAC industry, with 10 years of experience, hundreds of completed orders, regular customers who recommend our specialists. Those are our indicators of success. We provide installation and maintenance services for homes and companies to use in production buildings, commercial premises, schools, hospitals, hotels, offices and other facilities.

Why is efficient and effective ventilation important? First of all, it is a system of air exchange in the interiors, enabling the removal of polluted air and replacing it with fresh. This ensures the maintenance of healthy airways, helps to keep the correct temperature and humidity inside, reduces energy costs and more. Cooling Services 24 will perform the necessary measurements for you and select the equipment for the requirements of the room. Our offer also includes systems with heat recovery, i.e. recuperators that help to significantly save energy bills. Those are used more and more often in modern construction.


Available across Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, and London

Coolingservices24 installing air conditioning unit in London for a client

Cooling services in Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, and London

We can offer examination or repair on the same day of the enquiry

Ventilation for companies

In industrial facilities, workplaces and offices, the installation of ventilation is of key importance for the safety and health of employees and the efficient operation of machines. Such systems differ significantly from solutions for houses – due to the scale of pollution, but also bigger spaces, they have to work much harder. We offer ventilation installation and repair services in both small companies and large workplaces. We select systems to meet the requirements strictly defined in regulations and standards. Thanks to this, you gain clean air that is safe for employees and maintains a low level of pollution.

We implement projects using gravitational and mechanical ventilation as well as a hybrid model. Each of the solutions can be adapted to the functionality of the spaces: production hall, warehouse, shops, office buildings and others. Contact us and let’s take care of clean air in your company together.

Ventilation in the house

Proper air flow in a residential building affects the health of the household members and the condition of the entire facility. Ventilation system allows you to remove harmful compounds, impurities and excessive moisture in the form of water vapor from the house or apartment, and lets fresh air inside. In residential buildings, the most common ventilation type is a gravitational one. which use the air temperature difference. When greater efficiency of the devices operation is required, a good solution is to choose gravity ventilation with the support in the form of rotary cowls.

In energy-saving houses, there are also used heat recovery systems. Recuperators, using used air, make it possible to minimize heat loss. Looking for HVAC installers in London, Surrey or Berkshire? Specialists from our company will help you fit the most efficient system for you and your family.

Ventilation service

Efficient ventilation depends on periodic inspections of the system. Regular checking of the technical condition of individual elements helps to maintain their long life and avoid failures. At the same time, cleaning and fumigation of the installation is important from the point of view of the health of the household members. Fortunately maintenance is one of our comprehensive services, including:

  • review and assessment of the technical condition;
  • elimination of possible faults and replacement of worn elements;
  • cleaning the installation of impurities;
  • cleaning the system of fungi, mold and bacteria.

Trust a company with 10 years of experience and choose Cooling Services 24. We install a ventilation in Berkshire, London, and Surrey that is optimal for your health and pockets.

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