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Expert installation of a range of fridge and freezer units and devices for commercial and residential needs. Trust our FGAS certified engineers to quickly and safely install a wide range of energy-efficient refrigeration systems from only the highest quality certified brands and dealers.



Available 24/7 to address your refrigeration faults and breakdowns, with a broad range of knowledge and experience with the latest brands and models across the whole range of refrigeration solutions including home fridge/freezers, commercial refrigeration, cold-rooms, or refrigerated display cabinets.




Is your refrigeration unit due for a maintenance or service check? We can ensure the proper functioning and optimal energy-efficiency of your commercial or residential refrigeration units according to the latest health and safety guidelines and regulations.


From tested and verified suppliers to ensure long-lasting quality and durability


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Because they run continuously, refrigeration systems can break down at any point. That’s why we make ourselves available 24/7 for any of your refrigeration servicing needs. If you think your refrigerator unit has a problem, give us a call and we’ll perform an assessment anytime.

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We don’t just have expert-level knowledge about all things refrigeration, that’s only half the job. Ask any of our clients, and they’ll tell you that it’s our professionalism, efficiency, and reliability that makes us stand out from the rest.

All of our engineers are fully FGAS certified and experienced in all of the major refrigeration brands and models for quick and effective installation, repair and maintenance.

Coolingservices24 installing an air con unit in Surrey
We invite customers from the London, Surrey, Berkshire area to familiarize yourself with our offer of refrigeration repair, installation, and management. Our installers are a team of experienced professionals who will undertake tasks related to cooling devices for home and business. We offer professional advice on the selection of systems for individual needs. Our services are used by clients from the food and processing industries, where freezing and cooling play a key role in ensuring the freshness and quality of products. For the particular requirements of companies, we adjust the equipment to the size of the rooms or the type of products kept. As a company with 10 years of experience, Cooling Services 24 provides comprehensive services including consulting, installation, maintenance and repair. By choosing the services of our refrigeration installers, you can be sure that they will be performed with the highest precision and professional knowledge of individual systems.

Refrigeration installation, maintenance and repair service

Dairy products, meat, frozen foods and vegetables – in the food processing industry, an efficient refrigeration system is crucial to ensure continuity and quality of production. Choosing our offer is the best investment for your business. Especially for the needs of your company, we will select an economic device that enables lower energy consumption, adapted to the needs and processes of a given company. Our services include comprehensive activities that allow you to create an effective system, which includes, among others:
  • refrigeration units;
  • cold rooms;
  • freezers;
  • refrigerated cabinets;
  • cold stores.
On a daily basis, we install cooling devices for small and large companies, perform regular inspections of existing equipment, and carry out the repairs and maintenance. We are also open to individual clients. Household refrigerators and freezers are devices that, due to their continuous operation, are exposed to performance drops or disruptions over time. Rely on a company that will professionally take care of your household appliances. Instead of typing “refrigeration installers near me” in the search engine and risking a faulty service, contact our specialists.

Services in Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, and London

We can offer examination or repair on the same day of the enquiry

Maintenance of refrigeration equipment

Since cooling and freezing equipment is in operation all the time, it is exposed to heavy loads associated with its operation. It is therefore important that their technical condition is maintained at the same level. This guarantees the continuity of production and sales, thus avoiding the costs of possible refrigeration repair. As we are refrigeration installers, we offer regular services done by our specialists. Maintenance consists of several stages and includes checking for technical issues and device performance, and ends with the preparation of a report with a description of the system status and guidelines.

According to the saying, it is better to prevent than to replace. A regular service performed by a professional company is a way to save a lot of costs. This way, the performance of the chillers can be monitored on an ongoing basis and appropriate countermeasures can be taken. What’s more, a well-functioning unit consumes the optimal amount of energy and is safer for the environment than outdated and faulty systems.

Professional refrigeration installers near you

Installation and repair of a refrigeration requires knowledge, experience and precision. Fortunately, for over 10 years of existence of our company Cooling Services 24, we have been able to successfully complete hundreds of orders – each of them a separate challenge for us, which allows us to constantly learn and provide better and better services. See for yourself that cooperation with us can be the beginning of a long and good relationship between companies. We will take care of the cooling system of your entire company, offering service and assembly activities.

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