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Moving with the times, we focus on safe and green energy sources. That’s why we offer fitting and installation of heat pump in UK: Surrey, Berkshire, London and surrounding areas. This method of heating is now becoming more popular than fossil fuels, because it is based on renewable energy obtained from the ground, water and air. It is an economical solution that is often chosen in new and existing buildings, e.g. after modernization. Other advantages include the ability to work as an independent source of heat, as well as combining the heat pump with other systems, e.g. a photovoltaic installation.

By choosing a heating system obtaining energy from grounds and air, you are taking a step towards a safe future for your loved ones by reducing CO2 emissions. If you choose this type of water and air warming for your business, investing in renewable energies can also improve your company’s image.

Heat pump – efficiency and safety

The operation of the heat pump is based on the so-called refrigerants and heating agents that have the ability to produce heat from natural sources: air, water and ground. The operation of the compressor increases the obtained temperature and further uses it to heat utility water or rooms. Electricity is required to operate the pump, that is why the system is called an efficient and “clean” one.

There are air-to-water systems that use heat from the air to heat the water. An alternative is the airair variant, where the heat from the air is transferred to the air in the house. In the latter case, however, the main role of the pump is cooling and is used in warmer weather conditions. Contact us, and we’ll help you to find the perfect solution for your house or company.

Installation of heat pumps

The popularity of heat pumps is slowly matching that of photovoltaic panels. These ecological solutions translate into high efficiency, but they must be properly tailored to the needs of users and installed by professionals. A large part of our customers of those systems are private investors, including people planning to build a single-family house. It especially works with energy saving and passive houses.

There is no problem for adapting the system to industrial conditions. We sell and install heat pumps from the best manufacturers on the market. Investing in ecological energy sources is not only a fashion, but also a huge saving, which you will notice after 5 years. At the same time, you can take care of the environment and the condition of the air in your area – all thanks to heat pump. Surrey, Berkshire and London could be greenhouse gas-free if more businesses and building owners turn to safe energy from air and grounds. The price of the undertaking is determined individually for each project and depends, among others, on system performance.

Ecological heating in your home

Thinking about installing a heat pump? It cost is not insignificant, but the investment will quickly pay for itself. You have probably come across many offers that are less than informative, especially if you are not familiar with the topic of renewable energy sources. If in doubt, trust the experts. Cooling Services 24 is a company that has been dealing with air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems for over 10 years. Before fitting the device, we will explain everything you need to know about heat pumps. Not everyone knows that the installation is not only used to heat water and air, but also works well for cooling in hot weather.

The solution that definitely excels among pumps are devices that extract heat from the atmospheric air. This technology has many advantages and is distinguished by very economical operation. The price of such a device is also lower compared to other variants. In addition, it is possible to take advantage of government subsidies due to the use of green energy. Check our company’s offer and contact a consultant who will help you decide on the choice of an ecological and economical heating system.

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