Air conditioning installation, ac installation price UK

Home air conditioning price

up to
£ 1,200

Commercial air conditioning price

£ 1,500

What About Maintenance Frequency and running costs?

We recommend registering your new appliance’s warranty with the manufacturer immediately after installation in order to receive the best service and cover for the unit.

Running costs vary based on the unit output, but 2.5kW – 5kW units typically cost between 10 and 20p per hour to run. At an average of 6 hours running time per day, this equates to approximately £27 per month.  

Air conditioning in Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and London

We can offer examination or repair on the same day of the enquiry

How Long will it
Take to Install?

The length of time an air conditioning unit will take to install varies based on the type of installation. Single-unit residential air conditioners typically take from 4 hours to one working day to fully install.

The trained experts here at Coolingservices 24 are able to complete air conditioning installations not only quickly and efficiently, but also with proper attention to functionality testing and regulatory requirements.

Which air conditioning unit to choose?

Making the right choice in deciding which air conditioning unit to choose for your needs will be based on several factors.

Room size, air conditioning types, and air conditioner features and settings should all be considered. To make it easier for you, we’re happy to advise the most suitable and cost-effective air conditioner for your residence at no additional charge, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


Our fGAS qualified engineers are very experienced and will be able to perform safe and effective air conditioner installation independently in most circumstances.

In order to make the installation quicker however, ensure the relevant area is clear of any clutter or valuables, and if you do not own the property you plan to install a unit in, please ensure you have gained proper permission from the freeholder of the building beforehand.


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