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Expert air conditioning installation and repair for the perfect indoor climate in residential and commercial spaces, serving London and surrounding areas.


Perfectly regulated indoor air with ventilation installation and repair tailored to your HVAC system, in residential and commercial spaces.


Comprehensive cold storage solution installation and repair for your home, office, commercial, or industrial needs. 

air conditioning

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24/7 air conditioning installation, ventilation, and refrigeration services across the Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, and London areas.

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air conditioning installation

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We have built a flawless reputation for expert air conditioning installation and repair across our 10 years of operation, covering Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, London, and more.  

Our mission is to provide people with the best cooling equipment using only the latest, most efficient installation and repair methods that are guaranteed to last.

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All our equipment for air conditioning installation, ventilation, and refrigeration systems are verified and tested to the latest HVAC standards for energy efficiency and durability.

Likewise, our engineers are highly trained and certified to ensure quick and efficient air conditioning installation, every single time.

Modern systems for home and business

As a company, we have been operating in the air conditioning installation and repair industry for years. The area range of services we provide includes: London, Surrey and Berkshire. The company specializes in professional fitting, installation and maintenance of AC and ventilation equipment. Our clients are those from the private sector, as well as public institutions. We are able to significantly improve air quality and safety in residential buildings, offices, catering facilities, hotels, production halls, schools and many other places. Have you been asking yourself: how to choose domestic air conditioning installation near me? If you live in London and surrounding counties, there is only one answer: choose the best one – Cooling Services 24.

10 years of experience gives us a huge advantage over the competition when it comes to knowledge of technical requirements, system solutions and the specificity of the industry. Our specialists will take every challenge to satisfy clients’ needs, such as the fitting of the air conditioning and ventilation in hospitals or factory buildings, where specific requirements are necessary. We offer services using specialized HEPA filters, which give the highest efficiency in air purification when decontamination is needed. What’s more, we can advise perfect solutions in modern energy-saving and passive buildings, where it is necessary to use heat recovery systems. Contact us to discuss the terms of air conditioning installation and repair in London and Surrey.

Improve your air quality with Cooling Services 24

We value comprehensiveness and high quality of services. Our specialists perform the best air conditioner installation and repairs in Surrey and other cities, aiming to create a safe and healthy environment to live and work in. Being inside buildings can be as comfortable for the lungs, skin and eyes as the outside. Air quality, temperature and humidity have a huge impact on health and well-being. Regardless of the season and the weather outside the window, the right conditions in the room are conducive to rest, work and fun. We do not forget about the special needs of the sick, children and people with allergies.

Modern ventilation systems clean the air on an ongoing basis, thanks to which pollutants, including allergens and bad smells, do not get inside. Eliminating hazardous dusts and fumes is particularly important in industrial plants, where the system has to be even more efficient. Ventilated air should be safe for people as well as the machines and products. Effectively operating air conditioner also means regular cleaning of the system, fungus removal and maintenance performed by experienced people. We offer periodic checking of the condition of the AC as a part of our services.

Energy efficiency in air conditioning and ventilation

In industrial and residential buildings, the installation of AC can be an opportunity for significant savings. First, it is a way to improve employee productivity and living comfort. On the other hand, modern systems that we support are energy-saving devices. Costs related to energy expenditure can also be saved by using recuperation, i.e. recovering energy from the air. This solution works well both in homes and company buildings. By choosing ventilation with recuperation, you can enjoy the comfort of clean air and optimal temperature. Proven ventilation devices allow for cheap operation, quiet operation and low failure rate.

Cooling Services 24 is the number one choice for air conditioning repairs in Surrey. Experience in the installation of ventilation systems also translates into knowledge of their construction and possible causes of faults. Don’t waste your time typing for “ac fitter” or “ventilation installers near me:, and contact our company right away. In addition to the installation and repair of air conditioning, we also deal with refrigeration and heat pump services.


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